Day 1-7:30am-Rolous group temple+floating village+ Beng Mealea

After breakfast, you will start tour to out of the city to Rolous district then visit two early temples of Angkor, Preah Ko and Bakong. we will drive you in the village of country side and head to Kompoung Pluk floating village on the great lake Tonle Sap: you will take motor boat trip to fishermen village and enjoy to see their house which is build on stilts about 6 to 10 meters above the ground level to avoid flooding during the Monsoon season. Have lunch at local restaurant.
Afternoon: You will see Beng Mealea temple, the temple forest in the remote area.

Day 2-8:00am

After breakfast, you will start your day to Phnom Bakheng for 15 minutes hiking up to hill to see the beautiful landscape of Angkor and especially you will see Angkor Wat’s tower emerge from the Jungle like you see them from Helicopter. then to Preah Khan , Preah Neakpoan, Ta Som, East Mebon And Pre Rup. Have lunch at the local restaurant.

Afternoon: I will take you to the beautiful temple of Banteay Srei which was built in the second half of the 10th century and dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. Banteay Srei basically means “citadel of the women” . Landmine museum where it is good place to tell and talk about the Khmer civil war and how terrible the landmine is, then to another temple which is very nice and quiet Banteay Samre.

Day 3-Sunrise:5:00am

You will start with a tour to Angkor temples. First of all they will visit the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat for sunrise. Angkor Wat was built in the early to mid 12th century. King Suryavarman constructed Angkor Wat into a huge temple like a mountain with 9 towers which can be seen from was dedicate to Hindu God of World protector Vishnu and his tomb after he died.

After Angkor Wat tour, you will continue on to Banteay Kdei, Ta Prohm the jungle temple with big tall trees grow on the ruin temple of late 12 century, the ancestor temple of the great king Jayavarman VII who dedicated to his mother.

You will continue to Angkor Thom Complex, which is the Mahayana Buddhist was built in the late 12th to early 13th century during Jayavarman 7 reign. Angkor Thom is a 9 km square walled and moat the royal city and was the last capital city of the Angkorean empire. First of all you will see the victory gate of the Angkor thom, the elephant terrace, the royal palace wall enclosure, Phimeanakasa and leper king terrace, then to the major Bayon temple, the state Buddhist temple was built in the centre of the city with many smiling faces of Buddhisatva Lokesvara or the smiling faces of king Jayavarman VII himself.

+ This is very good suggest itinerary for your trip to my beautiful Siem Reap city,it is include the all the major temples that you should see and the daily life of the local people, you will learn to see something difference.
Hope you like it.

For a group of 1-4 persons 320USD
  • License Angkor guide
  • Transport to Angkor temple by AC car
  • Cold water & cold towel
  • Angkor temple pass for 1 day 37$US/pax
  • Meals
  • Accommodation

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